I have been Training From Last 27 years to  Bollywood and Tollywood Actors and Film Starts , Super Starts of our industry in  Gymnadtics,Stunts ,Acrobat and Action Training, KUNG Fu Martial Arts. And many More...

1 Bollywood Action Training 
2 Special Gymnadtics,Stunts ,Acrobat ,
3 Combo Free Hand Training 
4 instant Workouts for Fitness 
5 Marathon Training Diffrent 
6 Self Defense KUNG Fu Martial Arts 
7 kick Boxing Training 
8 power Yoga’s And Yoga 🧘‍♀ m/f 
9 Special Group Training For More Strength And Fitness Also Kids adult 
10 Special  Film Action Training To Model / Actors/ Actress Also Kids Dancer’s 
11 Special Training For Best Fitness Mix ( No Diet ) 
12 Special My Training For Treatments NO Not Nothing Tablat Capsule Any No Only All IN My Training 
13 Special Training For Police, Gvt Employs ,Forces Army’s Etc
14 wapon Training Non chock, short long steeck